Our Mission

To educate, enlighten and work closely with the society by providing skills for both Girls and Boys from poor and disadvantaged backgrounds to achieve their full potential through football.

Our Vision

A just society where the youth are encouraged to take leadership roles irrespective of their background and gender.



Due to the economic hardships, poverty and lack of employment opportunities, the youth are now in drugs. We aim to get them out of drug abuse into a more useful enterprise like football, education and organized instillation training programmers’.


In football the youth will be pulled out of crimes into mainstream productive engagements like service provision to earn a living.


When the youth are engaged in vocational training, reading culture and sport, we will be able to eradicate child prostitution, child labour & slavery from our society.


Oceania United aims at bringing together the youth both Girls and Boys through football as our strength to create a just society where rights for all are respected irrespective of ones background. All the youth should have equal rights through promoting of integrity and fair play and honestly in Coast province of Kenya, many families are very poor which affects both Girls and Boys in equal measure. So by designing programmes to assist the youth to get scholarships and financial independence through football, the youth will become the back born of the movement in fighting for their rights; by taking up leadership roles in the country in whatever sector. Oceania United will create a safe space for the youth by encouraging the youth to offer free services to the society which will integrate and create a culture of service to all and an attitude to serve others.


Oceania aims at protecting children and the youth by putting up a rescue and resource centre Equipped with a library, playing ground and accommodation facility with a fully manned office to take up the grievances to the respective offices and departments. Oceania, by extension aims at improving education for all the youth, hence the location of the centre close to a school. Scholarships will be sourced for the youth to achieve the goals through interactions and applications to various organizations.


Oceania United will endeavor to have several workshops to mentor and guide members to achieve excellence and full potential of their worth. All people are born equal.


Oceania United aims at encouraging friendly Tonarment join local and international Leagues and: Championships which involve:
a) Training coaches, references and career football.
b) Positioning the youth for professional football and have alit players.
c) Build a gated private stadium to enable income generation.

Team Squad

Our Team Squad

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